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Our Services

Residential Bird Netting in Pune is in high demand making it our job to make a living freely. With Bird Mesh, your society and residents are protected from the pest of birds.

Industrial Bird Netting Services ensure that industries do not face the intrusion of dangerous birds in their daily activities. Not only that, but eliminating the possibility of birds being harmed by polluted air or absorbing machinery is also a significant concern. We often ensure a safe working environment for industries.

Bird spikes, also known as anti-roosting spikes, are used to prevent birds from roosting on a variety of surfaces, including fences, roofs, and guttering. Our bird spikes can be installed on ledges, pipes, sprinkler systems, window sills, beams, rafters, awnings, and other surfaces.

We provide a wide portfolio of Invisible Safety Grilling Services. This grilling service is tailored to the requirements of users. Invisible grills are thin stainless cables used to enclose balconies & windows to ensure safety without spoiling the view of the Balcony.

We are engaged in offering a vast collection of Fabrication installations. We create a complicated framework using cutting-edge techniques.