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    Anti Bird Spikes in Pune

    The Bird Spikes, also known as the Anti Bird Spike, are a tool for attaching long sticks, such as needles, to control birds. Bird Control Spikes are used to Prevent Birds without injuring or killing themselves. Perfect if you have problems with large birds such as pigeons, gulls, and others that can leave dirty manure and debris in your building.

    We make strong UV Polycarbonate Bird Spikes. This is an easy-to-install Bird Deterrent and you can easily store some anchors that can be used in a small space.

    Bird Spikes are designed to protect very small ledges or used to protect the leading edge of a very wide area. These Bird Spikes are used to protect the structure and are almost invisible when installed.

    Bird Spikes create a real barrier. They literally prevent annoying birds from sitting, sitting, or sleeping wherever they are used.

    It works 100% wherever it is properly installed.

    Smart – almost invisible from a distance, and does not require power supply.

    Bird Spikes do not harm the birds – they are a different kind of personality that makes the surface uncomfortable, uninviting, and intimidating troublesome birds that enjoy living in your area.


    Here are a few common places where Bird Spikes can be used:

    - Bird Spikes can be used on Rooftops, Parapets, Cornices
    - Bird Spikes can be used on Prests, Awnings, Doors, and Entries
    - Bird Spikes can serve as a support structure.
    - Bird spikes can be installed on building ledges, plumbing, spray systems, windows sill, beams, planks, awnings, etc.

    They will help prevent damage and contamination by pests such as pigeons, starlings, indian mynas, sparrows, cockatoos, crows, magpies, etc.

    Bird Spikes are the most popular bird control products. You may have found a solution to your bird problem, but now you are wondering how to install Bird Spikes.