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Here are some most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have any other queries, please feel free to connect with us through a Call, Email or the Quick Contact Form.

We have a dedicated team of experienced staff working round the clock and we are glad to inform you that our services are available all across Pune.

There are different types of bird nets available such as Polyethylene Bird Net, No-knotting Net and Plastic Bird Net. It is difficult to say which type is the best because the selection of bird nets depends on the application. We request you to contact us with details of your building/ locality and then we will be in a better position to guide you.

In most of the cases, the installation part is completed in a single day, but again this time may vary depending on the area to be covered. However, it is to be noted that there are some prior steps to be completed before the installation process and this time may vary on case to case basis.

Well, just to keep it short and simple, we assure you of providing best solutions of Bird Netting services by implementing the latest techniques and maintaining high quality at affordable rates. Moreover, our dedicated technical support staff is available to answer your queries with zeal and enthusiasm.