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    Invisible Grills in Pune

    The Invisible Grill is a highly advanced grill system that provides security for your family, especially young children and the view remains intact after installation. It really protects your kids from falling on high ground. It helps prevent children from accessing the balcony or window.

    The Invisible Grill is actually made of stainless steel covered with plastic or rubber for extra protection.

    The Invisible grills are made of the highest quality stainless steel especially 316 Grade for durability which is known for its high strength and ability to handle pressures of up to 95kg.

    It can be mounted on a wall using ropes. It is durable and cannot be shipped after installation. It can be used extensively on balconies in addition to existing window structures or houses. Make sure you have a solid concrete wall to install the Fixed Invisible Grill. It will not be installed on fake walls or walls made of materials such as wood etc.

    The best part is, The Invisible Grills cannot be cut using scissors or standard Cutters. So you don’t have to worry if the kids are playing or trying to cut with scissors etc.

    However, the Invisible grill can be cut using a wire cutter, so keep in mind that an invisible grill should not be used to prevent anyone from outside but rather to keep indoors safe.

    Significant features of Invisible Grilles meet the expectations of modern thinking. 316 2mm stainless steel wire is able to support tensile impact up to 400 kg. Our invisible grills are safe for your children and pets, without disturbing your vision! Cable range can be 2 ”, 3” & 4 ”inches, installation can be vertical or horizontal.